GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 41

With leaf springs in the rear and coils up front , the 76 Series Cruiser is a serious offroad towing machine .
Leaf springs do suffer from some sag under load , but the extent of this is limited by the typical heavy-duty leaf pack . And a benefit of the rigid-axle design is , as the suspension is loaded , the wheels do not change their camber angle in relation to the road . This is a good thing when you have a heavy towball download pressing on the back of your tow vehicle for thousands of kilometres .
Leaf springs also behave like dampers , to a degree , because the friction between the leaves reduces the springs ’ oscillating effect after hitting a bump .
Live axle leaf-spring set-ups tend to be stronger and therefore are generally rated to a higher axle mass than independent , coilspring vehicles .
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