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The letter by the gentlemen asking what to do in regard to selling or keeping his caravan and travelling as a single person ( GoRV # 50 ) is a very emotional issue after losing his wife .
I too fall into the same category , after losing my wife of 55 years to cancer . We had upgraded to a 20ft tandem-axle caravan and only used it once due to her terminal condition .
My wife ’ s brother came down to see her some weeks before she passed away and I set the van up for his use . I stood at the door of the caravan and said to myself that after this was over I could take the van away on trips .
I realised what I had said as I looked in the van from the door and could only visualise a massive emotional and physical vacuum and shook my head with tears .
After her death , I decided to take up photography again and this has helped me to refocus . My wife said to me to “ move on and enjoy life ” but it is very hard to do .
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It is now , 21 months since her passing , that I have accepted the life change and will keep the van and travel , using photography to keep my mind active .
I have seen so many in the last 21 months that are struggling and cannot get past their grief and I feel sorry for them .
In our earlier retirement years there were so many wonderful people that we met ( in caravan parks and free camping ) that it was like a breath of fresh air to the soul . To me this is far better than grieving at home within four walls .
My condolences to the gentleman and my vision is that the grey nomads out there will help as we helped others in earlier years .
John Harding Via email
As a remote-area nurse in the Northern Territory , on the Stuart Highway every dry season we face caravanners who don ’ t check mirrors and / or simply don ’ t believe that they must move over to allow an ambulance displaying red and blue lights and a siren , and continue to drive at 80km / h , totally oblivious .
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