GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 38

Caravan scams can come in a variety of different forms . Scammers may target you when attempting to sell you a caravan online , or they might try to swindle you out of deposits , added insurance and holiday rental fees when you try to book a caravan for your next holiday trip .
It ’ s a good idea to be cautious whenever you deal with the supposed owner or seller of a caravan . This is especially true for a deal that simply seems too good to be true , like a luxurious caravan being rented out at minimal prices during peak season , or a top of the line caravan that ’ s being sold for significantly less than what it ’ s worth .
Ask plenty of questions and verify the information you receive before you hand over any of your hard-earned cash . A reputable seller or letting agent will have no problem proving to you that their offer is legitimate .
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