GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 36

● Requesting upfront payments . Other criminals may request Moneygram and Western Union transfers or upfront payments , saying that they are tired of people wasting their time . Once you make the transfer , the ad listing may quickly disappear . It ’ s a good rule of thumb to avoid paying money for a caravan that you haven ’ t seen in person ; and
● Sending phishing links . Another popular scam format involves being sent caravan listing links via email . If you receive such a link , rather access the website by manually typing its URL into your browser search bar . The email link could well be a phishing attempt . If you ’ ve made a payment for a caravan or RV online , we recommend watching your bank account for unrecognisable transactions . If you notice any suspicious deductions , contact your bank immediately .
Are you planning a fun-filled getaway soon ? Organising a tripready holiday caravan can be fraught with hazards , too . One of the most common caravan scams involves an individual advertising a caravan on Gumtree , Craigslist , Facebook , or another free advertising website . The holiday caravan looks like the perfect accommodation for your break , so you message to enquire about rental prices and availability . The owner might then direct message you or ask for your email address so that they can respond .
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