GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 35

Here are the most common scams to keep an eye out for when buying or hiring a caravan .
Online shopping is extremely popular , and many people have taken to buying caravans and RVs online . However , making major purchases like this on digital platforms can be quite risky , especially since it ’ s much easier for scammers to draw unwitting people in when they ’ re operating over the internet rather than face to face .
This means that you need to be careful and vigilant when looking to buy a caravan online , and that you need to do your homework and check the validity of each sale .
These are some of the most commonplace tactics that online scammers use to lure you in with caravan deals that seem too good to be true .
● Advertising top-tier caravans at giveaway prices . You might feel the temptation to jump at a deal that offers a high-spec , expensive caravan at a bargain price . When you call the seller to inquire about the caravan , they might tell you it is in excellent condition and has attracted plenty of interest from other potential buyers .
They may also ask for a deposit to secure the caravan without offering you the chance to see it . In many of these cases , the promised caravan doesn ’ t exist at all ;
● Involving unspecified third parties . Some scammers may claim to be out of town and unable to meet with you , but promise to use the advertising site ’ s middleman service instead . You might receive a believable call or message from the website and pay for a caravan that you will never receive . Be warned . No reputable sites actually offer middleman services like these !;
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