GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 30


One of the overhead lockers above the dinette is used to ‘ hide ’ the van ’ s electrical nerve centre : a 30A Projecta smart-charger , the solar regulator , a digital voltmeter , and the 12V fuse panel . Here , you ’ ll also find a water level indicator for each tank , as well as isolating switching for the fridge , the Swift gas / electric hot water service , the reverse-cycle air-conditioner , and the water pump .
Bench space in the kitchen , however , is minimal . In truth , meal prep would have to be done on either the draining board , the dinette table , or on the hinged bench section above the Thetford four-burner cooktop and griller .
On the offside , between the dinette and the kids ’ room , Pro RV has fitted a 185L Thetford three-way fridge , with a microwave neatly recessed into the cabinetry above .
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