GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 29

Inside , this van is spacious and visually appealing . It features a queen-size bed ( 1.5x1.85m ) in the front of the van , an amidships dinette on the offside , adjacent kitchen , and a particularly large rear kids ’ bedroom and bathroom .
The extra foot of length in the 21ft 6in Family Haven , compared to the 20ft 6in version , is given to the rear bedroom and bathroom – a good move , in my opinion . It has allowed Pro RV to fit three bunks that measure 1.9m in length . This means that as the kids grow , there will always be plenty of room for them to be comfortable .
Storage space is more than adequate . There are wardrobes either side of the bed , overhead lockers in all the usual places , and , as you ’ d expect , the main bed lifts on gas struts to reveal yet more storage space . The kids ’ bedroom gets a large wardrobe , too .
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