GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 17

In all trailers , ATM minus Tare Mass equals the maximum load the trailer can carry . For example , if a car trailer has a Tare Mass of 700kg and the ATM is specified at 2000kg , the trailer can carry a car that has a mass of up to 1300kg .
According to the revised VSB 1 , the caravan ’ s vehicle plate – along with the caravan ’ s listing on the RAV – must contain the ATM , GTM and Tare .
“ A breach of the Act is committed if a manufacturer or importer incorrectly states any of these values ,” VSB 1 says .
Colin Young of the Caravan Council of Australia has issued a statement in which he points to the lack of the word ‘ rating ’ within the definitions of ATM and GTM as being a serious flaw .
“ The number one problem in the caravan industry is the lack of understanding of ratings and masses ,” Mr Young said . “ Ratings and masses have not been satisfactorily addressed in the updated VSB 1 .
“ These two figures ( ATM and GTM ) are ratings that are allocated by the manufacturer . Ball-loading and Tare are ‘ actual masses ’ that must be measured .”
He said that the CCA made numerous submissions and recommendations , particularly in relation to clarifying such terminology , that were not included in Revision 6 of VSB 1 .
My Young believes that the revised VSB 1 lacks information concerning the ‘ all-up mass ’ ( what a trailer would weigh once fully loaded ) as well as trailer axle loading .
“ You measure the ‘ all-up mass ’ of a trailer , which must not exceed its ATM rating ,” he said . “ You also measure the ‘ axle loading ’, which must not exceed the GTM rating .”
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