GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 11

Effectively , when a fridge is fitted and the tray is pushed inside the camper – such as at night time – the bottom bunk can ’ t be used . If you are camping with two kids , this creates the dilemma of whether to leave the fridge outside overnight ( perhaps not such an issue if you have the annexe setup ) or to move it to the 4WD .
Let ’ s be honest : the interior of the Mars Ranger X is not big on interior living space . But that ’ s the point . The emphasis is on being in the great outdoors , with the van facilitating a comfortable lifestyle when you ’ re out amongst it .
Frankly , I wasn ’ t sure what to expect when I picked this van up . But after spending some quality time with it , I decided that the Ranger X was a valuable offering to the market – I really liked it .
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