GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 6

BEWARE THE ‘HELPER’ We love getting away in our caravan but I have to do all the driving. My wife will eventually learn for safety’s sake; however, I think one of the things that holds her back is the ever present ‘helper’ when you arrive at your caravan park. She and I have a good system for parking worked out, but there is always someone who manages to stuff it up by being ‘helpful’. What suggestions do folks have for a polite but firm way to reject their assistance without offending them? I am often a bit frazzled by the time we arrive and I can be abrupt at times. SMILE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE Let's go camping. Where can we go? The roads are a network of surprises. Let's try and visit every little town and inject some money into their economies and visit all their special places. Let's smile at everyone, thank them and inject some positivity into people's lives. Let's visit the information centres and let's promote every area we have been. Let’s make a difference. Jean Willett Edwin Daly WIN A TITAN TRAY! We have a 1200x1200mm Rola Titan Tray roof rack system worth over $800 to give away to one lucky ‘letter of the month’ winner! To go into the draw, write a letter to the editor on any topic, as long as it’s RVrelated, and submit it below! The Titan Tray is ready for your next adventure! Engineered from high-strength, lightweight, anodised aluminium, the Rola Titan Tray is ready to carry your gear across any terrain. The innovative design allows a wide range of accessories to be easily attached to all four sides and the top of the tray. Rated to 300kg, it’s equipped to handle your needs. A Low Mount system will also be included, where available. This uses a smaller, lighter cross-bar with interlocking blocks to mount your tray to the rooftop and maximise your roof load carrying capacity. (If the Low Mount system is unavailable, a set of standard carry bars will be supplied instead.) ENTER HERE!