GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 57

Hamersley Range. MILLSTREAM-CHICHESTER NATIONAL PARK Because you are there, it would be a tragedy to miss nearby (in Western Australian terms) Millstream-Chichester National Park. If your rig is offroad-capable, you can restock in Tom Price and proceed north to Hamersley Gorge (remember, you will need to leave your van at the start of the access road). Your first stop should be at the Homestead and Visitor Centre, where you must immediately wander over to Jirndawurrunha Pool to stand in awe of this Garden of Eden. Camping bookings are not available, so choose the campground that best suits your rig and hope for the best. Miliyanha is closest to the Homestead and suits larger rigs. Stargazers is closest to Deep Pool (for swimming on hot days) and suits tents and smaller rigs. Python Pool. WALKS AND POOLS Millstream is all about the water; it is fed by the Fortescue River Catchment that contains 1.7 billion cubic metres of water. To appreciate the area, be sure to include the easy Wetland Walk. The Clifftop Walk is also a must, with views of the Fortescue River below. For a longer walk, Red Roo meanders from the Homestead to Deep Reach Pool. Another option is the scenic 20km Snappy Gum Drive. Jirndawurrunha Pool is a highlight of the area. While Jirndawurrunha Pool is the highlight of the Millstream area, Python Pool is the highlight of the Chichester area. There is no camping there, so pack a lunch, take bathers and a towel, and hop in the car for a scenic 60km ride to Python. The pool is surreal and looks like a movie set dropped into the unassuming surrounding landscape.