GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 56

Joffre Falls. WAENO Your next destination should be the Weano Gorge area. If you are towing a van to the Karijini Eco Retreat campground (be sure to book in advance), you should stick to the sealed Karijini Drive and Banjima Drive West. Unsealed Banjima Drive North is 4WD-only. Don’t miss the Joffre Gorge and Knox Gorge Lookouts. The decent to the bottom of Joffre Falls is a Class 5 walk and worth the effort for experienced, fit hikers. Both Oxer, with an expansive view over five gorges, and Junction Pool Lookout, are easy. Handrail Pool in Weano Gorge is another Class 5 challenge that is worthwhile but downright dangerous if you aren’t fit and agile. Otherwise, the pool near the start of the trail is a perfectly lovely spot to contemplate nature for a few hours. KALAMINA GORGE Those with a capable 4WD can take Banjima Drive North 17km south-east to Kalamina Gorge. Take a packed lunch and a towel and plan to spend a bit of time in this ravishing setting. A 3km return Class 4 trail leads to Rock Arch Pool; if you aren’t up to the full walk, just do the beginning and find a place to sit and enjoy the world at its most beautiful. At this point, you might think you are all gorged out, but there is one more place you shouldn’t miss: Hamersley Gorge. There are a couple of options for accessing Hamersley; all involve unsealed roads. It is 80km one way from the Weano Gorge area or 70km from Tom Price. There is no camping at Hamersley and towing is not advised as turning around in the parking area with even a small van would be near impossible. Kalamina Gorge. There is an area at the junction of Nanutarra- Munjina Road and Hamersley Gorge Road where vans can be left, with overnight camping allowed.