GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 40

Across the nearside, the Silverton is equipped with a four-burner cooktop and griller, loads of general storage space, sink, etc. I liked that the main drawer had been designed with a special ‘recess’ within so that it wraps around the sink plumbing. I also particularly liked the hinged bench extension that can fold across the entrance. This extension piece otherwise sits vertically, out of the way. Bench space throughout is generous, with the kitchen bench extending all the way into the bedroom. Speaking of which, the main bed sits within an offside slide-out that opens at the push of a button above the entryway. Finally, being a C class unit, the Silverton comes with a double bed in the Luton peak. The foam mattress is certainly comfortable, and I appreciated the inclusion of a cargo net. I was a bit uncertain about the aluminium ladder provided by Avida. It did the job and held my weight. But, frankly, it felt somewhat wobbly. Generally speaking, it is difficult to fault the internal fit and finish of the Silverton. Although there were a few fairly minor details that bothered me, the company’s decades of experience is evident in the joinery and cohesive design. With USB points, shelves, LED lighting, overhead cabinetry and even a large smart TV mounted to the offside wall at the foot of the bed, it is truly a comfortable area. The slide-out even contains a slimline Thetford 141L fridge. Across the rear of the Silverton is a large bathroom, incorporating a fibreglass shower and a vanity with room for a washing machine under the bench. There’s a large mirror and a few other convenient inclusions.