GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 4

LETTER OF THE MONTH WINNER! Congratulations to Barry Hastie, who letter has been chosen as the winner of this month’s Rola Titan Tray roof rack system competition, announced in last month’s issue. This 1200x1200mm roof rack is engineered from lightweight, high-strength anodised aluminium and is worth over $800. Congratulations, Barry, and thanks to everyone who entered! WINNING LETTER GET ON WITH LIFE Well here we are, 12 months on, gallbladder gone, stage 4 bowl cancer in remission, recovering from hitting a kangaroo at 110km/h on the Harley, partner recovering from back (problems)… but we bought the caravan and the new Isuzu MU-X and have started our caravanning experience and planning the big lap. There’s always a silver lining no matter what's thrown at you. Just stay positive and get on with your life. The big outdoors is waiting, so just do it. Barry Hastie Want to win a Rola Titan Tray roof rack? Click the link on page 6!