GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 27

Salute has fitted one spare wheel to the rear of the van (where you’ll also find an external shower) while another spare wheel is mounted underneath, towards the front. However, customers can choose to instead fit this second spare at the rear, too. Forward of the axle, you’ll also find two 95L water tanks, while rear of the axle is a single 95L grey water tank and associated plumbing. When full, the water tanks will contribute quite a bit to the van’s ball weight; however, the unladen ball weight is a relatively low 155kg. Now, given the van’s ATM of 3500kg, the tow vehicle is likely to be a rather muscular 4WD with a 350kg towball maximum. That being the case, I see no issues with the position of the water tanks. On the subject of weights, customers can opt to lower the Salute Garrison’s ATM to 3200kg. Did I mention that sway control comes as standard, too? SUMMING UP It’s clear that the 19ft 6in semi-offroad Salute Garrison packs a pretty decent punch. It’s hard to argue with the level of equipment that is fitted as standard. With an attractive, sensible interior, coupled with numerous external features, not to mention a generous payload capacity and solid 12V system, I believe the Garrison will offer caravanners many years of faithful, comfortable service, at a reasonable price.