GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 - Page 19

SOG SYSTEM If you intend to do any free-camping for longer than a few days, you are going to have to use your ensuite toilet for more than just a night-time pee. Without wanting to be too gross, a decent ‘sits and thinks’ can render your caravan uninhabitable for 20 minutes. The SOG system puts an end to that in a simple and effective way. It uses a small 12V fan that is activated when you open the flap in your toilet. The fan sucks air from the bowl, through the cartridge and to the outside air, preventing any smells from permeating the caravan interior. You needn’t worry about making life uncomfortable for your neighbours as the expelled air is passed through a charcoal filter, neutralising any odours. We’ve done a lot of free-camping for extended periods and we can guarantee the SOG system works. It’s a very easy and relatively affordable DIY project. VAST SATELLITE TV Camping away from civilisation means you will likely be out of range of regular free-to-air television. You may even be out of mobile phone signal. This may appeal to many travellers but, if you can’t bear to miss your favourite shows, a satellite TV system is the most reliable and accessible entertainment and information source in regional and remote areas. Installation is relatively easy, with many commercially available kits on the market. Best of all, access to satellite TV is free. You just need to register as a traveller to gain access to the system. We never thought we would ever need a satellite TV system but, after two years on the road, we’ve used it more often than we thought. Even in places where you would expect to pick up normal TV, the signal hasn’t been strong enough for our caravan antenna and we’ve had to resort to the satellite system.