GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 33

This coupling also incorporates an important safety feature: if, for example, anyone rotates the lid while it’s on the tow pillar, it will automatically rotate back and re-lock. It’s virtually impossible for the Hitch-Ezy to be accidentally unlocked. Other features include an inbuilt aid for people with arthritic hands, a ‘dummy’ tow pillar that can be inserted into the coupling when it is not in use, and more. It is also compatible with weight distribution hitches. RRP: $990 (3.5 tonne); $1090 (5 tonne). Both prices include tow pillar, tow pillar cover, spacer for use with a WDH, dummy pillar, stainless steel handbrake and mounting bolts. MORE INFO www.hitch-ezy.com.au In short: if you want the Rolls Royce of caravan couplings, check out the Hitch-Ezy. The Al-Ko Off-Road Ball Coupling is made from ductile iron. 3. AL-KO OFF-ROAD BALL COUPLING For those who prefer ball couplings, there’s this unit from Al-Ko. Officially known as the Al-Ko Off-Road Ball Coupling, it offers the hitching simplicity of a ball coupling with full vertical and horizontal articulation. It is, of course, not the first offroad ball coupling but, in my experience, it operates smoothly and quite easily. Its height profile is a reasonable 112mm – higher than some couplings but lower than others – with the locking ’T handle’ sitting a bit higher than the main housing. To lock or release the coupling, the user has to pull this handle mechanism, which most people could probably do with two or three fingers, as they wind the jockey wheel. When towing, this handle is locked with a removable pin.