GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #41 | Page 12

SETTING UP THE JTRAK The blacktop-touring JTrak TRX is a forwardfold design. This means the ‘lid’ of the trailer is hinged at the front and folds forward, over the drawbar, to create an elevated double bed surrounded by canvas – in the case of the JTrak, it’s a high-density foam mattress that is very comfortable. The forward bed can even be closed off thanks to a zippered canvas flap, which is rolled up, out of the way, when not in use. The rear section (the main tub of the trailer) is home to a large club-lounge dinette with portable, height-adjustable table. With its legs collapsed, the table forms the base of a massive second bed for two people – it’s just a matter of fitting a couple of the backrest cushions. Easy. To set-up the JTrak, you’ll first need to undo the over-centre catches that secure the lid of the trailer, attach the strap of the manual winch that’s mounted to the drawbar to the hook at the rear of the lid, and then attach the strap of the rear winch to the hook at the front of the lid. When it’s time to tow the JTrak, the rear winch can be removed by undoing a couple of bolts. To open the lid, you’ll need to wind the front winch, making sure there is enough slack in the rear winch strap. The idea is use the front winch to get the lid to its pivot point (vertical, more or less) before winding it securely the rest of the way down using the rear winch. It is certainly possible for one person to do this job, but it’s much quicker with two. Closing the lid is, essentially, the reverse of this procedure.