Google Cloud Fundamentals |GCP Core Infrastructure June 2021

Google Cloud Fundamentals | GCP Core Infrastructure | GKCS

Course Description

This one-day instructor-led class provides an overview of Google Cloud Platform products and services . Through a combination of presentations , demos , and hands-on labs , participants learn the value of Google Cloud Platform and how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies .


This Google Cloud Fundamentals course teaches participants the following skills :
• Identify the purpose and value of Google Cloud Platform products and services
• Interact with Google Cloud Platform services
• Describe ways in which customers have used Google Cloud Platform
• Choose among and use application deployment environments on Google Cloud Platform : Google App Engine , Google Kubernetes Engine , and Google Compute Engine
• Choose among and use Google Cloud Platform storage options : Google Cloud Storage , Google Cloud SQL , Google Cloud Bigtable , and Google Cloud Datastore
• Make basic use of BigQuery , Google ’ s managed data warehouse for analytics
• Make basic use of Cloud Deployment Manager , Google ’ s tool for creating and managing cloud resources through templates
• Make basic use of Google Stackdriver , Google ’ s monitoring , logging , and diagnostics system