Golf Industry Central Summer 2012 - Page 4

Mike’s Space Reinvest or Stagnate Many of the facilities I see on a regular basis have some recurring themes, that over time I’m able to start basing some hypotheses around. Mike Orloff is an Operations and Marketing Specialist for Golf Industry Central and a PGA Member in the USA and Australia. Originally from Southern California, Mike has permanently resided on the Gold Coast for the past 10 years. He has over 20 years of commercial golf experience in various senior management roles and currently provides operational and marketing solutions to the golf industry in the region. Currently, Mike also lectures part-time for the PGA International Golf Institute and runs the industry based website Editor / Sales: Mike Orloff +61 415 682 259 Kerry McDuling Assistant Editor Contributors: Over the years many clubs didn’t see the need in reinvesting or simply lacked planning in upgrading their overall infrastructure. Fast forward and now these same clubs don’t actually have the money to fix or upgrade the assets they were supposed to be looking after. Not continually reinvesting back into your infrastructure will only lead to massive accrued costs later in time which a facility cannot support. They may not be in a position to fund at all and this will show in the look and feel of the place which has negative repercussions to member and visitor retention and growth. This is a typical sign of bad governance for the club. 1941 but has had several incarnations over the years. The new layout will completely modernise and change the clubhouse’s perspective relative to course layout. I can’t wait to see final product! It wasn’t that long ago that email marketing was new and pioneering, now it is a part of our daily routine. The same went for golf club websites and until only recently many clubs didn’t even have one! A new technology area being more embraced finally by the golf industry is the use of online booking systems to sell excess tee time inventory. The newly released iseekgolf Tee Time Manager is leading this charge; we have an overview of the web based program that is free for all facilities to register. Have a great holiday season and we hope 2013 is the year you want it to be. Our feature story this issue is one such facility Parkwood Golf Club that has recently undertaken a major overhaul of their entire site in an effort to reinvent itself in the market they have stood for decades. Another story in this issue is the update on the brand new clubhouse to be built for Huntingdale Golf Club in Victoria. Their current clubhouse was built in Mike Orloff Operations and Marketing Specialist David Newbery Senior Writer Rob Jenkins Publisher Morlo Pty Ltd ACN 123 872 784 ABN 1812 3872 784 PO Box 773, Main Beach, QLD, Australia, 4230 Contents may not be reproduced without written permission. Views expressed in editorial contributions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication and it’s management 2 Golf Industry Central exists to help golf facilities throu