Golf Industry Central Summer 2012 - Page 27

Huntingdale Golf Club Clubhouse Redevelopment Former home of the Australian Masters, Huntingdale Golf Club, located in Melbourne’s famous sandbelt, will begin a new chapter in its history in 2013 with construction of a brand new state of the art clubhouse. Commencing in February 2013 the existing building will be completely knocked to the ground and a new facility approximately 20 per cent larger in area will be built on the current site. In contrast to the current east-west orientation of the existing building, the new building will have a northsouth orientation aimed at maximising views and achieving light and energy efficiency benefits. The new design will offer 270-degree views with the new clubhouse sitting up above a basement level with views over the 1st, 9th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 17th and famous 18th holes. The clubhouse is surrounded by terrace areas and will offer both indoor and outdoor entertaining options. The clubhouse and funding model was approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting in May 2012 and went through on a 94.4% approval vote. The project will be funded by accumulated reserves and debt funding with no levies or additional costs imposed on members. The current clubhouse was originally built as a temporary facility in 1941 and has had six extensions since. Huntingdale’s Golf Shop, located beside the a r chi t e ct s hunt i ng d a l e g o l f c l ub ho us e r e d e v e l o p m e nt i m p r e s s i o n o f m e m b e r ’ s l o ung e a r ch i t e ct s 1st tee has been transformed into a high quality temporary clubhouse which will be used until the new clubhouse is opened in early 2014. The temporary clubhouse will be able to seat 128 and will offer a full bar and kitchen facility. The Club’s General Manager, Stewart Fenton noted that from a member’s and corporate perspective 2013 will be business as usual. “We have been very fortunate having the existing two story Golf Shop available to use as a temporary clubhouse. It has great views out huntingdale go lf clubho use redevelo pment over the course, is fully air conditioned and will have full facilities so our membership and guests are sure to experience the same high quality experience that they currently enjoy”. Administration will move down stairs into the existing office space and the Golf Shop has moved into a high quality portable facility. impressio n o f member’s changero o m fo yer The new clubhouse has been designed by Inarc Architects and has a total project budget of $11 million. Taitapu new first green Kura Golf Course Design completes a new showcase No.1 green for Taitapu Golf Club. A 9-hole course, Taitapu has a strong membership as well as attracting many green fee players. Located in the Canterbury Plains, the course is relatively low-lying, and a previous construction of the green and surrounds was suffering issues with drainage and playability. Seeding was completed last week on the green and fairway approach. The Club is thrilled with the new green, and while they can’t play it for some weeks yet, David Livesey, Green’s Convenor, says that ‘visually it is a real enhancement to the course and a stunning vista when stepping onto the elevated first tee’. For a 9-hole course, the Club is particularly pleased with the achievement of having had professional design by Kristine Kerr of Kura Design and professional construction by golf specialists GRASS. Livesey says ‘it’s been a very informative exercise and interesting for the Club to see work done professionally rather than with volunteer labour which we very often rely on’. Golf architect Kerr concurs that ‘even though it is only one green, the Club showed great commitment in doing the job properly, particularly when funds may have been tight’. The green will be open for play early in the New Year and the members are looking forward to sinking some putts! Golf Industry Central Summer 2012 25