Golf Industry Central Summer 2012 - Page 16

Accolades Galore FOR MAX As one of the most loved and respected figures in the golf industry in Australia and abroad, Max Mason must be feeling quite proud of his life’s work as he contemplates life as a retiree. Max’s contribution to golf management in Australia is unprecedented. In recent weeks, the accolades from colleagues and business associates have come thick and fast. If he gets any more slaps on the back, he may have to see a chiropractor. “Max has committed to the golf industry for almost 20 years and always went far above the normal call of duty as a club manager. He worked with the GMA national board for over 15 years and stuck with it even when it was difficult and walking away would have been much easier, especially when his health was not good. Max established friendships with GMA’s national affiliates including the PGA, AGCSA, AGIC, Architects and others. These relationships are vital for our industry and the GMA profile. Also, Max established friendships with our international GMA affiliates 14 including the CMAA, Singapore, China and Malaysia. He had the insight to engage in a long-term relationship with Schweppes who are the largest contributor to funding in our organisation. He did this without any precedents or existing agreements. “I’d like to thank Max for being a friend and a mentor. He made my transformation to GMA president easy and I won’t ever forget that. We’ll miss Max, not only as an ambassador of his club and GMA, but also as a friend. We hope his battles with his health have a positive outcome so that he can enjoy the benefits of his many friends and club life as a member.” – David Burton, general manager New South Wales GC I have known Max Mason for about eight years, ever since he first started coming to our CMAA conferences in the US. He was the first person in my mind to establish the great relationship between GMA and CMAA. Before meeting Max, all of us at CMAA were unaware of GMA. Our relationship with Australia and club management was with the Club Managers’ Association of Australia. The Golf Marketing Professionals Although a great relationship, GMA was more similar to CMAA. Max was the one that started it all and that gave CMAA the confidence to continue to develop the relationship. Without Max, this might not have happened. Max was on the cutting edge when it came to this relationship. Having attended a GMA conference to present, I suspect that Max was instrumental in getting GMA to this professional level of organisation. The GMA conference I attended in 2011 might have been the best golf/club related conferences I have attended internationally. I am confident that the skills he brought to the table to make these conferences such a great success are the same skills that he uses every day as a great club general manager – dedication, commitment, hard work, passion and excellent communication. “Max is a wonderful human being, dedicated to his family and his profession and someone I am proud to call a friend.” – Michael G. Leemhuis – CCM, CCE, PGA CEO/GM Congressional Country Club, host club 2011 US Open