Golf Industry Central Summer 2012 - Page 14

“Look out Aussie Kids, SNAG is open for Business!!” Why don’t more kids take up golf? Maybe it is because it is difficult to play, it is expensive and there are several restrictions for kids. SNAG® (Starting New At Golf) is here to change that perception and make golf available to anyone and everyone in Australia. With a different approach, SNAG® has reinvented golf around the world. SNAG® has introduced a fun, engaging way of learning. SNAG® contains all the elements of golf but can be played anywhere. SNAG® contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. The age appropriate equipment allows golf to be learnt by anyone and played at nontraditional venues, such as sports fields, the beach, in a gym, or at the park. The equipment is intuitive, educational, user friendly, oversized, colourful, fun and above all else easy to use. The kids love it and it makes them want to play more. It’s a game that encourages kids (or anyone) by making it easy to learn and fun to play. More importantly it has been tried, tested and it works! SNAG was officially launched in New Zealand in November 2011. Todd Statham, Director and Instructor has seen amazing acceptance by over 4000 kiwi kids that he has delivered the SNAG programme to. “The feedback from the teachers and parents has been fantastic, the modified SNAG® equipment allows ALL children to participate and achieve success faster. SNAG® breaks down the barriers, because it isn’t about being the most athletic, it puts everyone on an equal level and the success achieved provides the kids with confidence and an eagerness to want to continue.” 12 “It is now Australia’s turn to experience the SNAG Phenomenon” There are a number of golf clubs in Australia that have researched coaching systems and have found the SNAG is the worldwide system of choice. Martyn Andrews AAA Class Pro (Heritage Golf Club) was the first in Australia to embrace SNAG having seen and used it for many years. SNAG® offers a coaching system to help transform a Golf Professionals business and indeed the golf industry as a whole. Justin Clark / Golf Operations Manager – Vincentia Golf Club. Firstly the equipment is absolutely fantastic!! The kids really enjoy using it. I have been coaching golf for nearly 20 years and this equipment is just what kids need to help their journey from beginning to actually playing on the course. They seem to pick up the fundamentals easier with the oversize heads and the lighter clubs helping generate an effective swing. We have also set up some team games, which the kids really enjoy. This is making their golfing experience fun and I guess less lonely i