Golf Industry Central May 2012 - Page 7

Industry News Mobile Websites Drive More Customers to your Facilities Who doesn’t want the phone ringing helps you get in front of your Fuelled by capable devices and with bookings and new customers? customers in the moment they are faster networks, mobile Internet Every business wants to make it looking for your golf course and usage is exploding. Building for as easy and convenient as possible facilities. mobile first not only positions you for new customers to find the to take advantage of this growth, it information they require and to pick Just because you can see your also opens up new opportunities for up the phone and call you. website on your mobile phone does engaging with your customers. not mean you are optimised for The statistics surrounding mobile mobile users Three out of five consumers say use in Australia are simply that a poor mobile web experience incredible, according to Google, Make it easy for your customers will make them less likely to return Internet search from your mobile to call you and book a tee time, with 40% saying they’d likely visit a phone will overtake desktop PC’s after all they already have their competitor’s site next. within the next eighteen months. In phone in their hand, eliminate the fact mobile searching has become need to scribble down or memorise So how does your business get second nature, and is now a key numbers, when they can just click a mobile ready? element of the purchase process. A button and speak to your business recent survey of smartphone users direct. Anything that can be done First off let’s explain the definition has found nine out of ten consumers to increase performance on mobile of optimisation, this basically have taken action as a result of a should be done. A mobile website means a mobile website is designed mobile search, with 77% calling or should be fast to download and be specifically for mobile users, visiting a business. easy for the user to scan content mobile operating systems and all quickly and complete an action at mobile phones. You may have a high speed. great website already, but if it isn’t Having a strong mobile presence Seeking: Expressions of Interest Our client is looking to offload a large amount of Cane It bamboo tees from their warehouse. They are willing to offload in smaller parcels of 500 boxes (10 tees per box) or the entire amount. If you have any interest in the stock or if you may have a connection that would, please contact Mike Orloff at Golf Industry Central on (+61) 0415 682 259 or continued on next page... Golf Industry Central May 2012 5