Golf Industry Central May 2012 - Page 6

Industry News Booking Golf Lessons Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter US based company Smarter Lessons ( has appointed Golf Industry Central as its Australasian representative to promote their state-of-the-art webbased golf lesson booking system. Smarter Lessons offers software solutions that enable facilities, instructors and students to manage their time, money and skill development for maximum efficiency and profitability. “We at Smarter Lessons are delighted to grow our business through this expansion into the Australasian marketplace,” said company CEO Tom Mox. “We’ve been able to streamline the golf lesson and management functions for over 2,500 golf professionals worldwide and are happy to extend our time-saving services to even more golf pro’s.” John McGrath, the company’s president added, “While we have done business in these markets in the past, this marks the first time we have arranged distribution with local representation. We’re looking forward to working with Golf Industry Central and with their affiliated golf faci