Golf Industry Central May 2012 - Page 5

Golf Pathway To Your Dream Job The PGA IGI offers a one-year full time golf industry diploma or a three-year program which will result in students gaining their IGI diploma and a degree through Griffith University. ON the verge of its 20th anniversary the PGA’s International Golf Institute now spreads its web globally. Based on the Gold Coast the PGA IGI has cemented its place as a crucial part of the golf industry network in Australasia. “We are very proud of our outcomes and successes,’’ says the institute’s CEO, Dominic O’Brien, who graduated through the program more than a decade ago. “We are certainly getting more traction with former students now moving through to the upper echelon of golf roles. “For example Marcus Sullivan the General Manager at Pacific Harbour is one of our graduates. So is Nick Thornton, the PGA’s Victorian EO, and also the Head Professional at the Lonsdale Golf Club is one of ours. “Globally we are also making our mark. The Head of Instruction at the Hong Kong Golf Club is a former graduate and we have others in the Arab Emirates.” As O’Brien explains the PGA-owned IGI gives graduates wide ranging golf industry skills and opportunities. “We are concentrating on the guys and girls who are just sub-elite golfers, but who want to stay in the sport and have a career in the game – general managers, operations managers, directors of golf, etc. “Students coming out the other side can do a fourth year, a professional year, with the PGA and become PGA members. With the added PGA qualification the career options multiple again into different avenues. “The PGA IGI prepares its graduates for a career in the business and management of golf as an industry.’’ Of the 60 students at the PGA IGI in 2012 their nationalities are a 50-50 split between international and domestic. O’Brien said we are also now seeing more mature-aged people at the institute. “About 50 per cent are straight out of school. Quite a few have been out of the school system for a few years, but now we are seeing more and more seachangers,’’ he said. “These latter students tend to be very successful because they have plenty of life skills and often are more focussed on what they want.’’ O’Brien said industry acceptance of the institute was crucial. “Industry consultation and collaboration is very important,’’ he said. “Because it is a vocational and training sector it is very important that we have outcomes on the other side that are of value to the industry. “We utilise our contacts within the Golf Managers Association (GMA), the Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSA), Golf Australia and of course our PGA network to make sure what’s in our curriculum is what is the industry is looking for from our graduates.’’ O’Brien said although the IGI Diploma of Golf Management was wide ranging, there was still plenty of time for golf specific tuition, including four hours of golf coaching each week. You don’t have to choose between education or golf, with the IGI and its articulation agreement to Griffith university you can do both. The benefit being, all of our graduates are uniquely qualified to work in the business of golf. It will be very interesting to see where we are (and our graduates) in the next 20 years! Full details about the institute can be found at Seeking a job in the Golf Industry? Interested in finding the right staff? We have a full range of job seeking and recruitment services. Golf Industry Central May 2012 3