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Mike’s Space Who do you consider to be a real golfer? At a recent forum I presented at on Growing the Game, I asked 40 Club Captains if they thought people that played virtual golf, Wii Golf, or putt putt were actually “golfers”. All but one person said NO they did not consider them golfers. A very interesting, but not surprising answer. Mike Orloff is an Operations and Marketing Specialist for Golf Industry Central and a PGA Member in the USA and Australia. Originally from Southern California, Mike has permanently resided on the Gold Coast for the past 10 years. He has over 20 years of commercial golf experience in various senior management roles and currently provides operational and marketing solutions to the golf industry in the region. Currently, Mike also lectures part-time for the PGA International Golf Institute and runs the industry based website Editor / Sales: Mike Orloff +61 415 682 259 Contributors: David Newbery Lead Writer Mike Sebastian In this day and age- we should be considering everyone that likes golfeven if only watching it on TV, a golfer, or at least a “potential” golfer. When you start thinking of the actual potential number of players out there – it is huge! The new Golf 2.0 strategy recently launched in the US identifies 3 key areas to growing the game of golf. Yes it is a US based program, but the information contained is very relevant to golf in any region. 3-key areas 1) Retain/strengthen the core golfer 2) Engage with the “lapsed” golfer (i.e. people that use to play but haven’t for some reason) 3) Drive new players. (never played) Item 1 and 2 is where most of the discussion in this country has been centred but Item 3 looks to have the biggest potential in the way of bringing an entire new group of people into the game. We though need to start engaging these players (i.e. Virtual golf, Asia Pacific Golf Group Wii, putt putt) in a big way to then come try the “real game”. Our mindset needs to change away from “you must play on a real course to be considered a golfer” mentality to “If you like golf- you are a golfer”. Or at least have the potential to become a golfer in the traditional sense someday. In this magazine issue we identify a few green grass initiatives that are gaining some momentum, that also if taken seriously by the traditionalist can be the start of many new golfers into our game. Why don’t we use more non-traditional avenues to introduce new people to the game? The game itself doesn’t need to be changed for the masses, just us allowing different access points to a “game” that then will be a pathway for some to try the traditional format- then onto membership for some as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what you are doing to Grow the Game? Mike Orloff Operations and Marketing Specialist Paul Coleman FuseMobile Peter Vlahandreas Operations Manager- Eastern GC Publisher Morlo Pty Ltd ACN 123 872 784 ABN 1812 3872 784 PO Box 773, Main Beach, QLD, Australia, 4230 Contents may not be reproduced without written permission. Views expressed in editorial contributions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication and it’s management 2 Golf Industry Central exists to help golf facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia perform better. We offer easy access to golf industry news, job vacancies, recruitment services and operational advice. We also help overseas markets