Golf Industry Central May 2012 - Page 28

ALTERNATIVE GOLF What is Urban Golf? Urban golf began as an evolution of beach golf in the small coastal town of Sawtell in NSW Australia. In order to get to the beach participants would have to pass through a caravan park filled with grass and other to lob over. Before long the urban golfing had to the point where players would golf everywhere they went. The main aim being to, have fun and pull off some good shots. Sometimes extreme. These days Urban Golf has become an international sport played in over 30 countries and known as many names such as Street Golf, Cross Golf and even Punk Golf. “Too broke to pay for green fees? Too far from a green? Tired of seeing golf courses being carved out of pristine earth and being watered by precious, fast depleting resources? Or do you just want to have some fun in the city with your friends? Urban golf might be just the answer you’re looking for. It’s a game of golf unrestricted by the usual rules of golf, and able to be played anywhere that there’s free space and not too many people about.” What does Urban Golf offer you? Urban Golf Australia exists to unite urban golfers from around the country as well as provide a portal into the Urban Golf community around the world . Our main aim is to promote Urban Golfing as a fun and safe sport which can be played by anybody regardless of weight, age, race, sex or SOCIAL STATUS! We are a not for profit organisation which relies heavily on its sponsors and affiliates. All proceeds from our events are given directly to charity. Golf is one of the most popular sports on the planet with millions of dollars spent on products, innovation, marketing and sales. Golf also attracts people from all walks of life, both sexes and from every age group. What Urban Golf does is to strip away a lot of the things that scare people away from the real game of golf such as green fees, dress 26 codes, scoring and the frustration which inherently seems to come from a game of golf. In current years as more and more people survive in cities and bustling metropolis, popular art and culture movements have revolved around the street and creative ways in which the people have been able to reclaim their surroundings as an open space and find freedom within the constrains of an increasingly suppressive society. What that leaves you with is a sport that can be played virtually anywhere, and by anyone. Be it a street, kitchen or on top of a skyscraper with nothing else but a ball and your favourite club. This makes it accessible and affordable with Urban Golfers being know to source clubs from almost anywhere such as; the local tip, op shops, grandma’s shed or even the bottom of the golf club’s dam. The Golf Marketing Professionals Click here to watch video