Golf Industry Central May 2012 - Page 26

ALTERNATIVE GOLF Refocusing after a year of Project Flogton The founders of the Alternative Golf Association set out to create a new game for “the rest of us.” They haven’t found the holy grail, yet. Here’s a summary of what they learned and what’s ahead. On January 27, 2011, the Alternative Golf Association hatched a plan to give the sagging golf Industry a boost by creating a new game for the 20 million or more recreational players who are not avid, frequent golfers. Project Flogton got golf buzzing with a new word created by spelling “not golf” backward. After 12 months of exploratory conversations, presentations and negotiations with some of the stakeholders and personalities of the game, plus field tests and surveys, the AGA has reassessed growth opportunities and recalculated its focus accordingly. Motivating any significant percentage of the 20 million lapsed golfers back to the course will take a jolt of excitement that only the combination of high-performanc