Golf Industry Central Autumn 2013 - Page 31

Bernie“It didn’t take much to suck me in, we opened up the gate as soon as we got there and I just said ‘that’s it, let’s go!’” Graeme“So that’s how we came about the property. Bernie was one, but from there we had to put together enough people to make it viable for us to go ahead and firstly purchase the property and then develop the project. It’s taken us 18 months but we have done just that. We now own the property, have a DA and approval to lease the Crown Land Coastal Reserve. We are currently looking for investors to help us build the concept. We want to let people know what we’ve got and what the investment opportunity is. We are connecting with people via Facebook alongside our website, as well as with other marketing activities. We want to attract investors of course, but we also want to open King Island up to golfers all over the world who relish the opportunity to play links golf. Compared to Cape Wickham, how far along are you in the entire process? Graeme“I mentioned the due diligence issue, for us it was fortuitous that we didn’t get the Cape Wickham property at the time because there were environmental issues that had to be overcome and we are not sure where they’re at with those.” ongoing management costs will be very economical. We believe it will be successful compared to other golf courses because we can keep our costs to a minimum using our expertise and experience and putting