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level market, perhaps you can set up an intermediate program for children if this is the case. What is your point of difference, what are the key areas which makes your program stand out to the parents and children? IDEA: Set up Google Alerts for all the local clubs and junior programs so that any online information about them comes directly to your inbox as it occurs. Nine – PRICE The right price point for your program will ultimately determine the success of your program for the parents. Kids these days are often doing 2-3 activities/sports a week, thats about $60-$80 a week each kid! ($4,180 per annum!) Now multiply that by 2-3 kids... so getting the right price point is so important. So, how can you offer a quality program without the price tag? 1. GET SPONSORS (Chapter 7) 2. Don’t treat these junior programs as a money making exercise, run them at a break even... making money is not why you run a junior program. Consider price points, like when you go shopping for clothes, such as: Ten – SPONSORS The final tip for success. AND the most important. Your club must have a long term commitment to the program to the growth and development of juniors at your club. This commitment must come from the Board of Directors of the club, this is the only way that your club will maintain a consistency in the program, and establish longevity. When proposing your junior commitment outline to your Board the last nine (9) keys areas, it will answer all of their questions, doubts and everything in between. They will vote with confidence on the future programs at the club and know that the program and future junior members of the club are in safe hands. A club wide commitment doesn’t just come from the boardroom table, it requires every staff member to have an understanding of the importance of junior programs at the club - they are the future of your club. So think of ways to involve everyone at your club, how can your restaurant help? A. Hot Dog stand with a chef on the putting green? B. Family meals C. Kids cooking classes? What about the golf shop staff - do they have balloons and a kids corner in the golf shop for the kids to visit each time? Price Children Length Includes $19.90 $99.00 $199.00 1 2 3 1 week 12 weeks 12 weeks Glove, Hat & Drink Bottle Products RRP @ $250 Products RRP @ $250 Through bundling the price of your programs for the parents the price is more appealing for them to consider. If a parent can save $3-4 a child each session over a 12 week program, that’s a $48 saving per child! Finally, when marketing your price you MUST sell the individual price per child per session, per week. Parents need to know how much the program is going to cost within their weekly budgets, so make it simple for them! $7.90 per child per session when you register for our 8 week program Your course staff can help out by making some FUN obstacles in out of play areas, such as dirt mounds, bunkers and targets for the kids to hit at. Your office staff can help with publications and communication to the kids and their parents, promote junior and family membership options. Finally, your members can assist - get them to donate old golf clubs so you can cut them down and make sets for the kids, donate balls and old practice equipment. Commitment to the program will build better relationships with the kids and their parents and ultimately build a stronger bond between them and your club. Do this right, and you will get a member for life. Contact Peter Vlahandreas for any questsions or help with your program. $9.90 per child per session! Golf Industry Central Autumn 2013 27