Golf Industry Central Autumn 2013 - Page 27

with children certificates, display them in your kids corner in your golf shop, and promote your teachers accreditations in all of your marketing, peace of mind is a great seller. Be prepared and promote these frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) in your publications. Three – TIMING Timing has a two fold process; Dates & Sessions. Dates refers to the planning stages of the program through scheduling your program and special events around the following kid related events and dates. 1. School Holidays 2. Long Weekends 3. Sporting seasons, do you know when the summer sport season starts? Through simple investigation into the above mentioned dates, you will get more kids to your program, the alternative is that you coincide with football/cricket season and only a couple of kids show up. The second area of timing is the sessions, how long will each program go for? 30 minutes, 60 minutes, longer? Will the program be a 4 week intensive training, or spread out over 12 weeks to allow for kids to grasp the sport? progress reports for each student and supply them to each parent? Prepare for children of different ages, skill levels and cultures participating in your programs, do you have a plan for this? This plan could