Golf Industry Central Autumn 2013 - Page 14

GROWING THE GAME through innovation It’s really exciting to see a massive growth in the virtual game of golf, and an indoor centre is the most recent. Oncourse facilities warrant the need for diversity and innovation. Adding the dynamics of an indoor centre for practice and play only benefits the attraction to the game. At the Par 3 Indoor Centre in Canning Vale, Western Australia juniors get a little excited at the virtuality of the game. It’s the perfect modern day environment for dad and son, mum and daughter, or the elderly to play. Dad sees it as a practice and training facility with the added bonus of challenging himself to a round at Pebble Beach, but for the youngsters it’s an opportunity to play in an informal environment with a no fuss approach. For those that are inexperienced and a little intimidated by the oncourse facilities, it’s an opportunity to learn, play and get better before heading straight for the course. Each and every customer has a different excuse as to why they choose to play indoors, but for the staff and management at Par 3 Indoor Golf, it’s the excitement of seeing first time players pick up a club and have a go. Adding the virtuality non walking environment allows those with