Golf Industry Central Autumn 2012 - Page 21

The study unveiled another interesting truth about the world we live in today; the golf industry has completely missed the most important target group. It turns out that mum has an increasing influence over all family activities and the family budget, its mothers that control 80% of the activities and fees paid for family fun, including her husbands. When dad says he doesn’t have time to play golf anymore, he is really saying that it’s not a priority for his family. Because the perception of the game is that it’s expensive, it’s often the first activity to be eliminated in difficult economic times. Grow the game initiatives in the past have never targeted the mums of the world, make mum a raving fan with the right service at the right price and the whole family magically finds time to come to the golf course. The implications of attracting females to the game could jump start the game. Recent surveys show females feel a responsibility to help friends and family make wise purchase decisions, and nearly half said they influence friends and family to buy – or not buy - product or service. When a similar study was conducted in 2008, only 31% of women said they felt they “ “ golfing family, they see the benefits in spending quality time together with their children for life! 35% of the population says they would like to play more golf, that’s 60 million people! regularly influenced other people’s purchase decisions. Here is the good news, 85% of households have a connection to the game of golf through playing miniature golf, video games, or watching golf on TV. They like the game and think it’s a great. In fact 5 million non golfers in the US simply hit balls on the range because its fun. Now here is an amazing statistic that belongs to the game of golf alone, 35% of the population says they would like to play more golf, that’s 60 million people! The challenge now is to change our attitude within the industry towards women, children, and beginner golfers; it’s time to make our golf facilities more welcoming. When a female walks in the golf shop, she should never be made to feel like an outsider in a male dominated sport. She represents an important piece of the puzzle regarding the future of the game. We do this by offering affordable lessons and membership programs that fit easily into the family budget; we share our passion for the game and invite everyone into our world. When families are attracted to the game, golf will turn over a new leaf and the game will thrive again. Investment Opportunity a bet ter group-buying business for the golf industry. visit : group outings | lessons fitness | trial membership golf rounds | getaways Golf Industry Central Autumn 2012 19