Golf Industry Central Autumn 2012 - Page 20

Golf 2.0 and beyond An independent market study was recently completed in the US and the new Golf 2.0 program has been created as a result. The new initiative to grow the game was launched at the 2012 golf trade show in Orlando where industry leaders witnessed Jack Nicklaus unveiling something “out of the square” that he plans will make the game more relevant in our fast paced world. Since 2006, the US is reporting they have lost 23% of women and 36% of children who used to play the game. Jack Nicklaus himself reports that his own kids and grand kids don’t even play the game anymore. The game offers so much but finds itself in a crisis state. Turning the game around will take some big ideas and an golf community that responds favorably. GRANT GARRISON A 25 year member of the PGA of America, he created and managed the Nike Junior Golf programs from 2001-2007 which became the model for youth gold programs in the US. He has mentored 100’s of PGA professional and is a recognized leader in the field of youth golf development. The past few years, he has taken his experience internationally and has created youth golf programs in the countries of Bhutan, Fiji, Nepal, and the Philippines. He’s is now a resident of Queensland and works with Golf Industry Central and Golf Queensland. To contact Grant: (61) 421 287 826 or 18 It turns out that the game of golf it much more than a game. In America alone, the game contributes 3.5 billion dollars to charities annually; this is more than any other sport. Allowing the game to slip away is simply not an option as too many worthy charities rely on the game to raise funds both nationally, and world wide. The new initiative has brought all the