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say this at every football and basketball game to uplift my young students as they pursue their goals and dreams .
KC is especially inspired by his other children as well , and strives to make them proud every day , and to be both an example and a mentor for them . “ I have amazing children . My son Quillan , daughters Sabrina , Olivia and Kaia are amazing human beings that I love and cherish .”
KC also draws inspiration from the late Dr . Martin Luther King Jr . “ His ‘ I have a dream ’ speech was spoken for all people . Each of us deserves to get a fair chance at life .”
To honor his son , JR , and Marlowe ’ s son , Myles , KC has formed a 501c3 and opened a basketball gym named “ JR Adams Myles Brinson Sports ” where he has a dream of building a full sports complex on the site . It will be a place for the whole community to come together through sports , leadership , mentorship , music , theater , and academic achievements . “ So far we have built the basketball gym but we ’ re striving to get the entire facility completed with a study hall and an onsite BBQ area ,” he said .
The gym is located in San Martin and currently provides basketball and sports training and mentorship for South County youth . KC rationalized , “ Most kids don ’ t want to just hang out at home . They would rather come and play sports all day .”
KC is currently the president of the Gilroy and Morgan Hill chapters of the 28-team National Junior Basketball Association ( NJBA ), a basketball league for 300 children grades K-8 focusing on fundamentals , camaraderie , teamwork , and respect .
everything when he instantly befriended her , stopped the other kids from bullying her , and helped her see her worth . She turned things around from there and the two remained close friends all through high school .
At her wedding celebration she handed out identical necklaces to in attendance and shared the story of how this young man saved her life .
The bride ’ s father then thanked KC , from one father to another , as he handed him one of the necklaces his daughter had made . On the necklace was a picture of KC ’ s son , JR .
Stories like these keep KC going . “ We have to be there for the underdog , for the ones getting picked on . As a community , we can always do better .” Like his son was there for his friend and others , KC is there to help anyone find the best of themselves , inside and out , as he has done for 40 years with thousands of South County youth .
KC is currently developing a website and social media presence for the JR Adams Myles Brinson Sports Complex . Until those are operational , check back here at gmhTODAY or on our website and social media for updates and more information . A GoFundMe page for the sports complex been established . To contribute to this worthy cause , visit : https :// www . gofundme . com / f / jr-adams-myles-brinsonsports-complex
Community is a key component of everything KC does . To him , it means a place where everyone supports each other and understands that people make mistakes . Yet , everyone deserves a second chance to make a better life for themselves and the community . “ I think if we all learned to say hello more , hug more , we will find that just those two gestures will turn a community into a thriving community ,” he said . “ There are many working in the community to mentor and build character in our kids . There will always be challenges but you can ’ t let that stop you . Find your niche , whatever it is , and start making an impact . I lost a son — who was an athlete — and sports has a way of keeping me going . I see him in what I do every day .”
He added , “ I ’ m inspired by my son JR for his relationship with God and people . He was truly the glue that held our family together .”
JR inspired others as well .
Recently , a man stopped into KC ’ s hair salon for a haircut and shared that his daughter , a former Valley Christian graduate , was recently married . In high school , the man ’ s daughter went through a goth phase that got her singled out for her appearance and bullied . The pressure and loneliness were too much to bear and , to her , suicide seemed like the best option . A young man who transferred into one of her classes changed
Lovell KC Adams has coached , trained , and mentored local athletes of all ages for over 40 years . In 2022 he founded a 501c3 and is working to make his dream of a building a comprehensive sports complex to benefit South County youth come true .
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