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By 2002 , the two were planning a youth football camp to be held on the Anchor Point campus . Marlowe ’ s son , Myles , was eight years old at the time and battling leukemia . As Myles fought the disease , the two men worked through the details of putting together a camp . At a few points along the way , they wondered if the timing was wrong . They struggled to come up with a name for the camp . KC remembers that it was Myles ' attitude that inspired them to keep going . “ There was no quit in him .” Marlowe would often encourage Myles with “ You a bad dude .” To which Myles would reply , “ You ain ’ t lyin ’!” lastic Federation . The presentation took place in Los Angeles at the CIF State Championship game . According to the CIF website , the distinction is given to coaches who “ have served as positive role models in their schools and communities , and who have exhibited the traits apparent in the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor .”
“ The importance of connecting to kids when they are young is critical to helping them see a different set of possibilities than their ‘ normal ,’” he said . To that end , KC has seen the development of youth — both those who ’ ve had good mentorship and examples of personal leadership and those who haven ’ t .
“ Anchor Point Christian was a blessing in my life . The founder , Mr . Steve Malone , was a man who had a similar vision to mine , he wanted to provide a place where kids could fit in and be accepted .”
In addition to the 2007-2009 undefeated seasons , KC oversaw the building of a baseball field , a football field , and growing relationships with donors and sponsors . In all , the football team had six undefeated seasons , were ranked top ten in the State five years in a row , ranked top five in the State four years in a row , and ranked top five in the nation three years in a row . The basketball team had six undefeated seasons . Both teams were perennial Coastal Athletic League champions for those six years .
In March of 2002 , just two months before the first football camp , the inspiring eight-year-old child , Myles could fight no more . With Marlowe and his family reeling from his loss , KC felt that the camp should be named in his honor , and made it official by presenting Marlowe with a plaque bearing the name “ Myles Brinson Fundamentals Football Camp .”
Then , in 2005 , tragedy struck again ; KC ’ s 17-year-old son , JR , was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver while on a family vacation in Mexico . JR was a standout athlete at Valley Christian High School and had earned a full scholarship to play football at the university level . That year Marlowe presented to KC the new name of the football camp : the “ Myles Brinson / JR Adams Fundamentals Football Camp .” Now in its 21st year , the camp draws 100 to 150 players for a weeklong football camp where character and honor take first place , and football fundamentals follow .
While most can ’ t imagine the heartache of losing a child , KC and Marlowe have found a way to keep going to honor their sons . KC reasoned , “ I had a son whose beautiful life was taken from this world by a drunk driver . This was just after we found out that he received a full scholarship . I want to teach our young community to strive for their dreams , to be responsible and not drive drunk , and be positive influences within the community .” He added , “ Both Marlowe and I draw inspiration from our sons , and from each other ’ s sons . They were charismatic and natural leaders , gentle warriors , and kind .” He added , “ The term ‘ bad dude , you ain ’ t lyin ’’ has stuck with me and motivates me to never give up .”
“ I used to yell to my son ‘ I see you , boy .’ He would look at me coming off the field with a smile as if he could hear me . I now
KC is quick to give credit to all the coaches he ’ s worked with . At Anchor Point he started great coaches like Tim Pierlioni , who went on to lead Christopher High School football to a CCS Championship and is currently the athletic director and head football coach at Gilroy High School . Tim was instrumental in helping to build the championship program at Anchor Point . “ I have been blessed to be around other great coaches who are also great human beings ,” KC said . “ We ’ ve learned from and helped each other over the years .”
Another fellow coach and dear friend is Marlowe Brinson . The two had similar childhoods : while KC was in Oakland , Marlowe was on the streets of Chicago Heights . For both , football was a ticket to a good education , and a way off the streets . When they met as adults in Gilroy , they immediately hit it off .
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