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- Debbi and Mike
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Debbi & Mike Sanchez , Publishers link . 2022 is over . We don ’ t know about you , but we kind of liked 2022 .

BIn fact , we find ourselves missing it a bit . For us , 2022 was a year of

lessons learned , opportunities won and lost , and changes – lots of changes . However , looking back , it now more resembles that first recess of the day back in elementary school ; the entire class has been cooped up for longer than they can bear . The bell rings and it ' s pandemonium – kids running to the door , trampling anyone underfoot , just to get outside and do stuff .
Once outside , it ’ s every little wrecking ball for themselves . In my way ? You ’ re going down . Survival of the fittest – and the quickest . That ’ s my swing . Mine . Freedom . Ah , this is freedom . It doesn ’ t get better than … suddenly , the bell rings again . Time to fall in line to get back into the box . Squirming little bodies – fidgeting , sweating , adrenaline rushing germ factories all getting squeezed back into a tiny room – with a ceiling . The humanity .
Just like that – it ’ s over . We were just getting going . A year gone by in the space of a month – who cleared the concept of Jancember with Father Time ? It ’ s anarchy , we say .
During the year , we did our best via this publication to help the little wrecking balls – a group to which we belong – slow down and leave less carnage . We wrote about mental health and wellness – something we will continue to do . We wrote about basic things like stopping at stop signs and red lights . Things we are all supposed to know . We wrote about quiet giants who simply served others for the joy of service to others . We wrote about our heroes , our neighbors , our friends . We endeavored to keep humanity at the forefront of our stories , our hearts , and our minds .
While many quite literally lost their minds – in part due to too much time locked up in the “ classroom of life ” and in part due to drinking too much red or blue kool aid , others served so nobly it brings tears of joy to our eyes . These keepers of humanity lead lives not of quiet desperation – but of purpose . These are the “ helpers ” made mention of by Mr . Rogers . Those who in every disaster , hardship , or time of need , tend to humanity ’ s basic needs , offering goodness , kindness , and hope .
Helpers are easy to find – though you won ’ t find them on social media or “ out in front .” Helpers don ’ t make things about themselves . That ’ s counter to the point of helping . Helpers are the ones serving meals when others are taking selfies . Helpers are the ones easing pain and suffering while others are posting themselves up before dawn – getting ready to go help ease pain and suffering – as if that in itself is worthy of some accolade .
Blink . It ’ s 2023 . We don ’ t know about you , but we want to be counted among the helpers . We want to remind everyone – including ourselves – regularly , that humanity only thrives when the wrecking balls stop swinging through the crowds , wreaking havoc without prejudice . We endeavor to be life givers , not life takers . Let ' s truly ease some pain and suffering in 2023 . Let ’ s truly work to improve the things we can , for there is nothing that can ’ t be improved at least a little , starting with ourselves .
Go . Make History .
- Debbi and Mike