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They built all the restrooms , the office , patched up an existing cold box that saved them countless cash , re-did the floors , and created a VIP room experience in what was essentially a storage section . Plans for the VIP area aren ’ t solidified , but Ramirez sees it as an area where a winemaker could teach a class , or a reservation-only private tasting room . Even the outside seating was spruced up . It used to be a parking lot and now serves as the most popular attraction , especially when the live music is playing and a food truck is parked out there . Small bites are also offered at the 18th Barrel , according to Ramirez .
Whether you lean toward wine or beer , the 18th Barrel Tasting Room has you covered . Its cozy digs are exactly what you need for a great date night . And for those couples who are at different sides of the room when choosing drinks , Ramirez has some advice for your next visit .
“ Meet in the middle and be happy .”
18th Barrel Tasting Room is located at 322 3rd St . in San Juan Bautista . 21 + only . They are open Thursday from 4 to 8 p . m , Friday from 3 to 9 p . m , Saturday from 1 to 9 p . m , and Sunday from noon to 5 p . m . For more information go to : www . 18thbarrel . com or call ( 831 ) 623-4049 .
Monica and Anthony Ramirez are the perfect hosts for your wine tasting and / or beer tasting adventures . There is always something special going on at 18th Barrel . If you haven ' t been , go . If you ' ve been , go again . You will come as friends , and leave as family . 18th Barrel is one more reason San Juan Bautista is great .
“ I always had stuck in my head a wine bar . I never really knew the whole concept of craft beer . I just figured there was one hop and you just flavored it how you wanted to ,” Ramirez mused . “ I love the way wine is . There are so many different grapes and that ' s what turned me onto beer . Like , oh my goodness , it ' s practically the same thing . It ' s really cool .”
While Ramirez took some time to warm to beer — her favorite beer is any amber , by the way — her husband was the opposite .
“ I would drag my husband everywhere . He hated wine . And it took him probably almost four years to start liking wine ,” she said . “ I started pairing it with food . I started doing things to try to get him into it . Now , he absolutely loves wine .
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