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Victoria said , “ It ’ s going to be really cool to see our two personalities combine and to see what kind of person we raise .”
The Valencias do not normally celebrate Valentine ’ s Day ; they see themselves as celebrating their love all year long , by spending time together when they can and going out on spontaneous dates about once a week .
They both believe that communication is key and couples should be intentional about connecting . They both said , “ Always make room for fun .”
Breann and Jimmy Garcia

Breann (“ Bre ”) and Jimmy Garcia may be newlyweds , but they already have some important things figured out . While many newly-married couples might be in the “ honeymoon ” phase at first , Bre and Jimmy already understand what it takes to make a relationship work . This is largely due to the strong examples they have had in their lives .

Bre , the event director and tasting room manager at Fortino Winery , and Jimmy , a sports content curator , have some firm relationship foundations to stand on . Bre ’ s parents have been married for 30 years , and both her grandparents have been married for over 50 years . Jimmy ’ s mom re-connected with her long-lost love after 30 years apart . Bre and Jimmy have learned from them that it takes hard work and give and take from each partner to make a relationship work .
Like many young couples today , they met through a dating app . Bre said she was attracted to Jimmy “ because he has such a sweet and caring nature towards everybody and because family is really important to him .” Jimmy said he was drawn to Bre “ because she was very funny and super honest .” They were together for about three and half years before getting married .
The Garcias know it ’ s okay to have some differences alongside their shared interests . They both enjoy the same types of food , greatly value family , and care deeply about the people in their lives . However , Jimmy is into sports , while Bre is satisfied just watching an occasional game .
Bre and Jimmy make time together a priority , and they enjoy trying new restaurants , wineries , and breweries , watching movies , or even having a date night at home . They also like going to the beach ( where they were engaged ) and taking road trips . Bre and Jimmy have found that going on new adventures together helps learn more about each other and to grow together .
The Garcias try to plan something different each year for Valentine ’ s Day to keep things exciting . One year they rented a house in Monterey ; another year they enjoyed a nice dinner and an impromptu San Jose Sharks hockey game .
The Garcias may be newlyweds , but they do have some wisdom to offer . Bre and Jimmy want other couples to always be honest with their partners and , as Brean said , “ love them even when you don ’ t
like them .”
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