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Hey Valentine : Couples Q & A

A Look at Life and Love ( continued )

While they both love art , Mark is an artist , while Rene admittedly is not . Rene has also introduced Mark to his love of cats , and they now have four of their own .

Despite their busy schedules , Rene and Mark make each other a priority . They have one dinner together per week , which they refer to as their “ date night .” Rene and Mark also still celebrate Valentine ’ s Day by surprising each other with either a small gift , a fun date night , or even a weekend trip . After all these years together , Rene said , ” We are still going strong and are very happy together .”
After 25 years together , Rene and Mark have some advice for other couples . “ Never go to bed angry , and never leave the home being angry .” They also remind couples that successful relationships take work . “ Talk to each other , learn from each other , respect each other , and keep loving your spouse — no matter what !”
Victoria and Eddie Valencia

While Valentine ’ s Day may bring to mind grand romantic gestures ,

Eddie and Victoria Valencia have found happiness in doing the simple things in life together . Eddie , a fiber splicer for a fiber optics company , and Victoria , the community relations coordinator for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce , are both Morgan Hill natives . Together they enjoy exploring farmers ’ markets , fishing on Half Moon Bay , strolling around Carmel , and taking in a comedy show or a drive-in movie .
High school sweethearts , the Valencias have been together for 11 years and were married in 2020 . They had to simplify their wedding , as well , when COVID-19 canceled their original plans . The Valencias booked a last-minute appointment at the courthouse in Reno , Nevada , and a short ceremony at a little wedding chapel . With the support of a few close friends , they enjoyed the event and celebrated with food from In-N-Out Burger , Guglielmo champagne , and cupcakes from Sprouts . Victoria said , “ It was the best day ever !”
Victoria and Eddie maintain a healthy relationship by celebrating each other ’ s strengths and accomplishments , while also respecting each other ’ s differences and preferences . Victoria and Eddie both love cats , wine , cooking , good music , exercising , and harmless pranks . However , they are accepting of each other ’ s personality differences — Eddie is more introverted and enjoys quiet alone time ; Victoria is extroverted and enjoys events and meeting new people .
Victoria said , “ We value each other ’ s independence and understand each other ’ s social needs . We ’ re still two people with our own interests , and we both respect that .”
Eddie and Victoria had their first child in October of 2022 — a daughter named Roslyn . They are the most excited about watching each other grow as parents .
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