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Erwin and Barbara celebrate Valentine ’ s Day simply , such as by going out to dinner . They celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in a bigger way , by celebrating with friends over dinner and other activities together .

Erwin and Barbara truly enjoy each other ’ s company . Erwin ’ s advice to couples is to “ speak your mind openly and then come to a conclusion together .” Barbara added , “ Don ’ t insist on doing things your way .” Erwin and Barbara have been through good and bad times together , and Erwin said , “ Our faith in God has carried us through all of that .”
Smucker ’ s company . Barbara worked for the U . S . Treasury Dept . and then over 30 years in banking , while staying home for several years to raise her children .
The Boggs love to travel together and have spent many years taking trips in their RV as a family , including cross-country and to Mexico and Canada . Since selling their RV several years ago , they now take cruises all over the world .
Erwin and Barbara enjoy walking together daily , spending time in nature , and reading . They also spend time with their friends , rotating houses for dinners together .
The Boggs have been volunteering together over the years . They started a kids ’ Bible study at their church right after they married . In Gilroy , they volunteered 41 years with the Garlic Festival , for various church activities , and are still volunteering for Visit Gilroy .
Rene Spring and Mark Hoffman
Rene and Mark have their own careers , interests , and schedules , however , they still make it a priority to do things together . They enjoy hikes , walks along the beach collecting sand dollars , watching movies , and attending local shows and musicals .
Watching the sunrise at Coyote Valley early on Sunday mornings is a favorite pastime for Rene and Mark , as well as spending time with their kids , grandkids , and a close circle of friends . Rene and Mark are also very involved in the community and enjoy giving back .

Morgan Hill City Council Member Rene Spring , and his husband Mark Hoffman , a mail carrier and artist , have been together for nearly 25 years , and married for 15 . They initially met online and hit it off right away when they met in person . Rene found Mark funny and interesting , while Mark was drawn to Rene ’ s kindness and big heart .

Rene and Mark are both fans of world travel . They typically visit Rene ’ s family in his home country of Switzerland once a year . Exploring new places is a passion for them both , and they have visited many European countries , as well as Australia , Alaska , and Canada .
Like any couple , Rene and Mark have some things in common and some differences . Mark is a bubbly talker who loves Disney . Rene loves history and period pieces in movies and shows .
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