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Hey Valentine : Couples Q & A

A Look at Life and Love

By Madeline Martin

Valentine ' s Day is the perfect time to let that special someone in your life know just how much you love them . And , while there are many ways to show love , and different types of love — love for a child , love for a sibling , love for a parent or grandparent , etc .— we are focusing on the love couples share and the tips , tricks , and lessons learned to help you make the most out of your relationship with your significant other .

This Valentine ' s Day we wanted to offer some perspectives on life and love from four local couples — each unique and at different stages of life .
Barbara and Erwin Boggs have more than a few years under their belts — 67 to be exact . Their perspectives are refined , simple , and based in common sense , yet full of practical wisdom . After nearly seven decades , they may be on to something .
Rene Spring and Mark Hoffman have boiled down their 25-year relationship to a few key things , including having similar likes and interests , spending time together despite hectic schedules , and mutual respect .
Victoria and Eddie Valencia credit their three-year marriage and 11-year relationship to being intentional and open communication . Instead of celebrating just on Valentine ' s Day , these two — now with baby girl Roslyn in tow — choose to celebrate their love all year long .
Newlyweds Breann and Jimmy Garcia have figured out some key factors that make relationships work — like hard work . They both rely on the examples of family members who have modeled healthy and thriving relationships .
We all deserve and should strive for healthy and thriving relationships . These couples prove that commitment , intention , mutual respect and working to keep things fun and exciting are all important elements when playing the long game in life and love . Here are their stories :
Barbara and Erwin Boggs

Barbara and Erwin Boggs have been married for 67 years . They have made a great team raising their children , participating in their church , and volunteering in the community .

Erwin and Barbara met briefly for the first time when his family drove to Washington , D . C . for a job interview where his dad interviewed with her grandfather . Barbara just happened to be with her grandparents that day . Erwin ’ s dad got the job , and his family moved from their farm in Pennsylvania to the city , where he and Barbara got to know each other better at the church they both attended . After a three-year courtship , they got married in 1956 .
The Boggs moved to California when Erwin was drafted by the military and sent to Fort Ord , where he served for two years . They set up their home in Gilroy in 1979 and started a family , with one daughter and two sons , one of whom they lost as an adult to cancer only a couple years ago . They have one grandchild who is 21 .
Before retiring , Erwin worked in insurance , as an electrician , as the owner of a men ’ s clothing store , and as an Operations Supervisor for the
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