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South Valley Bike Scene ... Summer Bike Tips !

South Valley Bike Scene ... Summer Bike Tips !

A Bike Ride for Everyone

It s a beautiful day , your bike is tuned , and you re ready to ride or take the kids out on their bikes . Where should you go ?

W hether you prefer roads or trails ( or both ), South County is a gold mine of beautiful rolling hills lined with vineyards and wildlife , long stretches of road for resistance training against the winds , and a variety of routes right out the door or within a short drive .

Family Rides
This author may be biased , but there is almost nothing better than a family ride to downtown . Have you noticed that kids on bikes are almost always happy ? Sunshine + adrenaline + exercise + the reward of lunch or a treat downtown , a rest at the duck pond , or a stop at a friend ’ s house = the recipe for the perfect afternoon !
This recipe is made all the sweeter by the bike paths and bike routes that abound all around the South Valley .
The 18.7 mile Coyote Creek Trail connects the South Valley to San Jose and its network of bike trails . Hellyer Park at the north end of the trail is a beautiful spot with a pond , walking trails , and huge playground for kids . On the south end , the newly-paved Madrone Trail provides a car-free route from Cochrane to Tennant .
Another paved trail network runs from downtown to the Centennial Recreation Center , the Paradise neighborhood , and soon , south of Watsonville to Lake Silveira , a wetland habitat . has a variety of fire roads and trails , gorgeous views of the South Valley and Coyote Lake , and is appropriate for different levels . Beginners may want to start from the Mendoza Entrance on Roop Road for an easier out-and-back ride . The San Martin Avenue entrance requires a three-mile climb to start the ride , which you may want to avoid in the midday summer heat .
A great place for new mountain bikers is Calero County Park , from the San Vicente entrance . This ride is a nine-mile loop , mild enough for beginners , with just enough challenge to keep everyone interested . For the most fun , it ’ s best to have a legitimate mountain bike with two-inch-plus width tires and at least a front suspension fork .
Coyote Valley Open Space is a small four-mile loop that has a nice single track in a serene and beautiful setting . Please note that you need to climb two miles uphill in order to enjoy two miles downhill , and hikers , of which there are many here , always have the right of way .
Local jewel Henry Coe State Park is for advanced riders only , as it ’ s very steep , but if you are up to it , you ’ ll find an endless trail network . Start at the Hunting Hollow entrance for a tough but gratifying ride of eight to 30 miles . Make sure to bring enough food and water on your person and leave no trace .
Road Rides by Jodi Hall jodi @ biketherapy . bike
In Gilroy , a three-mile bike path allows you to explore all the corners of Christmas Hill Park and beyond . There is also a new addition to the trail on the westside of Santa Teresa Boulevard and First Street , part of the Uvas Creek Levee .
Mountain Bike and Gravel Rides
The Bay Area is rich with amazing trails in a variety of environments : the redwoods , by the coast , or in open spaces . But you don ’ t need to go very far to find some fun mountain bike rides , as well . Best of all , with a gravel bike , you can ride from your front door straight to the dirt trails . Harvey Bear County Park , which spans San Martin to Gilroy ,
The roads around Uvas and Chesbro Reservoirs are a roadie ’ s dream , offering endless possibilities for beautiful loops and combinations of hilly and flat terrain . Advanced riders can really test their mettle by taking the Dunne Avenue entrance of Henry Coe State Park .
Enjoy Your Ride !
Wherever you decide to go , enjoy the pace of the ride , the joy of pedaling , and your positive effect on the environment . Please wear a helmet ! County parks require one , but you should wear a helmet on every ride . Finally , don ’ t forget to stop and smell the wildflowers .
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