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luxurious homes in the Saratoga hills set on large plots of fertile land , Ron realized he could plant and manage small “ backyard vineyards ” for others . After some research , he founded Vinescape , Inc . in August , 1992 , which designs , installs , and maintains backyard vineyards , in addition to producing private label wine for his clients . Managing the 80 vineyards and running the Cinnabar brand has been quite a challenge , but he has surrounded himself with passionate people who make the Cinnabar brand very successful .
In 2007 Tom Mudd passed away and his family sold the vineyard estate and concentrated instead on managing the tasting room in Saratoga . Ron focused on building his business and contracting with smaller wineries to manage their vineyards . His heart , however , belonged to Cinnabar so , in 2019 , Ron took over ownership of the winery . One of the first things he did was officially make Alejandro Aldana the winemaker . Having been at Cinnabar for over 25 years ,
Alejandro and Ron work together to produce the quality of wine that Cinnabar is known for .
The day I visited “ Cinnabar South ,” several workers ( including Ron and Alejandro ) were busy laying sod in the outdoor tasting areas . Ron is excited to make this area welcoming and beautiful for not only weekend tastings , but also public and private events he hopes to book there as well . He is particularly looking forward to turning the existing barrel / tank room into an educational area for visitors where they can get “ nose to nose ” with the winemaking process and gain an appreciation for what it takes to make quality wine and from the ground up . Ron , Lynne , Alejandro and the rest of the Cinnabar staff are thrilled to put down wine roots in South County and we are happy to welcome this beautiful , quality winery .
Cheers and best of luck to “ Cinnabar South !”
ABOVE : Ron Mosley is back on familiar turf at his " Cinnabar South " winery and tasting room on the site of the former Blended Winery where his TASS Wines tasting room was located . BELOW LEFT : The " fruits " of Cinnabar ' s over 40-year legacy of character and integrity . CENTER : Ron and Lynne are known as Cinnabar ' s " hard working owners ." Their passion for wine and precision for quality in all they do inspires their entire staff . RIGHT : Ron and Winemaker Alejandro Aldana enjoy a rare break from of managing vines , crafting wines , and establishing their newest vineyard and tasting room , Cinnabar South . The tasting room is currently under construction with plans to open soon . Stay tuned at : cinnabarwinery . com
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