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When the opportunity to lease the space that was formerly Patti ’ s Perfect Pantry ( next to Nob Hill ) opened up , he and Gabrielle jumped at the chance .
The café draws upon a rustic , farmhouse theme , with buttery yellow walls , and wooden fixtures built from local materials . There will be a few in-house tables for dining , but much of the cuisine will be take-out ready , featuring a salad bar , fresh meats , fresh pressed juices and more .
Gabrielle explains that everything that can be made by hand will be . “ Manny makes his own pesto mayo , his own barbecue sauce , all his salad dressings . He ’ ll never use a bottle or a can .”
Manny says he wants to give people “ real food , normal food , stuff that isn ’ t processed . I want people to have that experience .”
He also wants people to enjoy the vibe when they come . “ It will be very homey , no rush , just come to hang out .”
Both Manny and Gabrielle feel buoyed by the generous support of the community , during the pandemic , and now as they take this next big step toward their dream .
“ The community is so supportive here ,” Manny says . “ Knowing that I have that support and connections is amazing . I don ’ t know why I didn ’ t do this a long time ago .”
MAIN : Manny Vasquez and Gabrielle Crescini combine farm fresh products , local partnerships , and Manny ' s BBQ skills to provide a fast casual dining experience of the highest quality . Named 2021 Best of Morgan Hill in the Chef , Caterer , and Food Truck categories . OPPOSITE LEFT : the very serious cheesesteak sandwich and their wall of gratitude . ABOVE : A sampling of the goodness you ' ll find at Cochi ' s Kitchen , including his custom catering options , fresh baked goodies , and Manny ' s signature " chicken sandos "