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activities , and events . This may not be the case for all students and homeschooling could lead to further isolation .
Documenting can also be time-consuming . I have to produce work samples for each child and subject every 20 days , when we meet with our ES to discuss the submitted work and what our children are learning . I also mark daily attendance online . a new appreciation for how expansive learning can be and how it is different for each child .
There are also some negative aspects of homeschooling ; it takes time and a parent / guardian needs to be the main teacher . Can it be done if one is working full-time ? Sure . But I stayed home this past year , and the majority of homeschooling parents I have interacted with do not work full time .
Questions from family , friends , and even strangers who may or may not agree with your decision to homeschool can be frustrating . It doesn ’ t feel good when people question your decisions . While it is important to be open to constructive criticism and advice , it is equally important to stand up for what is right for your family .
Burnout can result from homeschooling , too , though it comes and goes . I used to feel this way as a teacher in the classroom too . I did , however , get a new set of students each year . With homeschooling , these kids are with me for life ! On
Another con is not having experience teaching curriculum . There are many programs and co-ops that offer teaching assistance and guidance , but the day-to-day learning is reliant on the parent as the teacher . Planning , creating supplemental lessons , and keeping us on track , has proven to be a considerable task .
The financial burden also needs to be considered . While our Charter gives us funds per semester per child , not everything is covered , and it has to be approved , which can take time . Free curriculum is available , but these resources increase my prep time significantly .
Your home is your classroom , and this can be overwhelming at times ; dinner can become chaotic if the table hasn ’ t been cleared off . In my home , keeping things consistent can be tricky . And with younger ones , there are more learning tools : flashcards , manipulatives , crayons , and so on . Even with proper organization , it gets messy quickly and often .
Lack of socialization is a concern for many ; we made this a priority . Charlotte is extremely social and needs to be around friends . This can be obtained through her co-op , playdates , days when I struggle with burnout , it is helpful for Tim to step in and take over learning for a bit . Taking breaks and getting out of the house is crucial . Homeschooling does not mean that your kids have to be with you 24 / 7 .
For every negative element I have encountered , the positives are truly greater . In my experience , life is not a linear path ; neither is learning . Some days I still wonder how I will be able to maintain homeschooling , particularly when our youngest starts kindergarten . But then I am reminded of how lost I felt before we started and how each day we make strides toward figuring it out . Perfection cannot be attained , but progress can be . Tim and I both fully believe in education and that there is no right or wrong way to get one . What works for one child may not work for another . We both have public school backgrounds and love our Gilroy community . Homeschooling is not for everyone .
Almost a year in , my children remind me to breathe , relax and have fun . And while I may be teaching them , they have revived my love for education . This may not be the best route for everyone , but for our family , it has been the most rewarding educational experience to date .
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