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was onsite at Studio Three since she was just one week old . After seven years of dance experience , Adaly likes going to conventions most . She loves dance because it a fun activity and it builds strength . A goal she hopes achieve soon is to join the dance team . Like Lucas , when not dancing , Adaly likes Karate .
Greyson Orlando is a six-yearold dancer at Traci Dalke ' s Studio Three Dance Studio in Gilroy . She is heading into the 1st grade at El Roble School in August . She has lived in Gilroy all her life with mom Julie , dad Brandon , and siblings Addison and Emerson . She has studied dance for four years . Among her favorite memories is dancing with Lucas at the recital in the “ Be Our Guest ” dance .
When not dancing , Greyson likes camping with her family , playing outside , and is enjoying learning how to read . Her favorite dancer is her sister Addison .
The South County Ballers girls basketball team is made up of 4th and 5th graders from local schools . These humble and talented athletes have taken the AAU basketball space by storm . Recent tournament wins include a first-place finish in the June Heat Tournament in Pismo Beach , three firstplace finishes at the RoadDawgs Tournaments in San Jose / Hayward , a first-place finish in the BAS Tournament in San Francisco , and an impressive fourth-place finish at the Jam On It Memorial Weekend tournament in Reno ( The World ’ s Largest AAU Tournament )
Players Grace Gnagne ( 10 ), Avalin Ducusin ( 10 ), Gianna Salinas ( 10 ), Audrina Salinas ( 8 ), Emily Spangenberg ( 10 ), Emma Kim ( 9 ), and Natalia Hernandez ( 10 ) have put the dedication and time in to create a tight , close-knit team . They have built strong bonds and relationships with one another while putting in endless hours of practice . Their motto “ Hard work ” is also the style and intensity of play they bring to the court .
Head Coach KC Adams is proud of the hard work these young ladies have put in . He cites their pure love for the game as a big factor . Coach KC has instilled in the team that nothing is given , and that they must work hard to earn success . The team has taken this to heart . Coach KC and Assistant Coaches Hal Spangenberg and Young Kim have created an environment where dedication and trust thrives . The result is easy to see in the growth of the players as individuals and as a team .
The Ballers have more tournaments on the horizon , including the Summer Hoop Series at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin , CA and the AAU Grand Finale in Corona , CA
When not dropping baskets on the court or standing on the winner ’ s platform at a tournament , many of the girls play other sports including baseball and flag football . To a person , they all confirm that basketball is their first and favorite sport . Ultimately , spending time with each other is the best part . Keep an eye on the South County Ballers . They are just getting started .
Friendships , learning , dedication , and a love for what they do . Just a few of the things all these kids have in common . These are just a few of the South County ’ s “ Kids of Summer .” From ballet to basketball , tiaras to tubas , our local kids are giving it their all to pursue their dreams and are making us all proud in the process .
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