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Kids of Summer mer ' 22

Ben Pedersen is a music man . The 14-year-old son of Erik and Jordan Pedersen has been playing the trumpet since the fifth grade . Heading into his Freshman year at Ann Sobrato High School , Ben is focused on earning a spot in the marching band .
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Ben notes that being able to play music is rewarding . He loves being able to play music with his friends , stating that playing trumpet is just fun in general . He also brings plenty of talent to the mix . Last school year , he auditioned for , achieved , and performed a solo in the finale concert at Britton Middle School . A recent highlight of his budding music career was marching in the parade with the marching band .
Ben is currently learning how to scuba dive . When he ’ s not blowing the horn , you ’ ll find him swimming or spending time at the ocean or playing games with friends .
Quade Sturtevant is a 14-year-old Freshman at Sobrato High School . Born and raised in Northern California , he has lived in Morgan Hill with parents Tara and Andrew Sturtevant for six years . Quade is a passionate , creative musician .
His first instrument was the recorder in the third grade at Nordstrom School . He began playing piano in the fifth grade , and beginner and intermediate trumpet in Britton ’ s band program in the sixth grade . Ready for a new challenge in the eighth grade , he taught himself to play the tuba . He credits band instructor Mr . Mendoza for loaning him his first tuba and for encouraging him to branch out .
Since those early days , Quade has performed in various recitals and school concerts . Other notable performances include Art a la Carte , Mushroom Mardi Gras , and this Winter he played the Sousaphone for the first time in Morgan Hill ' s Annual Holiday Lights Parade . He followed that performance with a second Sousaphone performance in the 4th of July parade with the Emerald Regime Marching Band .
“ I really loved this intro to
marching band that I had as a middle schooler at Britton and I ' m eager to do more of it with Sobrato High School .”
Quade loves music and enjoys playing with others . He values the connections with people who have the same interest .
" Music is fun to play on your own , but there ' s something special about playing all together , in a group . We encourage each other and the community of musicians here in Morgan Hill is great . They make it fun .”
Among Quade ’ s future goals , he would like to learn to play the saxophone . He was gifted a vintage Alto Sax and has been teaching himself to play it this summer with the help of YouTube videos . His other hobbies include track and field , gaming , and cooking .
“ I ’ m a spicy food lover who likes to cook .”
Lucas Alvarez Hoang started attending dance events and conventions when he was a mere 10 days old . No wonder when we stopped in to meet him at Traci Dalke ’ s Studio Three Dance Studio in Gilroy , we got to see him fly . The seven-year-old and six-year Hollister resident lives with mom and sister Adaly . The soon-tobe second grader at Cerra Vista School takes to dance like a butterfly takes to a gentle breeze . Lucas has been at Studio Three for three years . His face lights up and his limbs extend to infinity . He loves to dance because “ its fun and I ’ m good at it .”
His quiet confidence and total embrace of the art of dance is inspiring . Lucas dreams of being a dancer when he grows up , and he hopes to compete soon . When he is not dancing , Lucas loves karate . When he is dancing , he is flying .
Adaly Alvarez Hoang is nine years old and heading into the fourth grade at Cerra Vista school . Sister of Lucas and Ruth , and daughter to Mariana Alvarez and John Hoang , Adaly
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