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Operation Freedom Paws Founder Mary Cortani is named 2022 Woman of the Year for California District 17 . State Senator John Laird ' s office presented the award in June . Mary founded Operation Freedom Paws in 2010 and was recognized as a CNN Hero award recipient in 2012 for her work with military veterans . The organization has grown to provide extensive services for first responders and children dealing with PTSD and other challenges . Learn more at : www . operationfreedompaws . org
Dreampower Horsemanship celebrated their 20th birthday on July 23 . Founder Martha McNiel began with a dream and the courage to pursue her life ' s calling after the events of 9 / 11 . Since then , Dreampower Horsemanship has grown to provide equine-assisted activities and therapies for children , teens and adults with special needs . They also work with first responders and veterans . Volunteers always welcome . Visit their Facebook page at : www . facebook . com / DreamPowerHorsemanship
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